371829_100000402520929_911107710_q[1]  Jan Hardesty – I am a wife, mother, and grandmother (and great-grandmother if you want to be really specific!).  I have been a blogger for over one year now.  I am a lover of God, retired pastor’s wife, mentor, and I continue to seek whatever else that God calls me out to do on any given day!  I am also learning how to write out loud!

I no longer live in North Dakota.  I live in Nineveh, Indiana near the lakes – Princes Lakes specifically.  I am surrounded by trees and lots of young families.  I am also surrounded by grandchildren!

My ministry – my service to God – is to minister to a younger generation who have found themselves in dark places and to encourage them to start walking toward the light –towards the freedom of Christ.

My desire is to reach out to women, children and anyone else who wants a fresh word from the Lord, to share what he has done in my life and what he continues to do in my life.  My prayer is for others to know God more intimately and to realize how precious you are to Him.

I am an introvert but God pushes me out into the public arena.  It’s scary at times, but I trust in him.  Why?  He said he would never leave me nor forsake me.  He said if I would follow him that I would never want to turn back.  And he has been “right on” every day of this 17-year adventure of getting to know him – really know him.

My joy is when God brings others into my life – some expected – some not so expected.  Come and meet me at the crossroads of life and let’s walk together for a little while.


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  1. Hey Miss Jan! It’s Michelle, Gina’s daughter! She shared with me your blog & I love it! Thanks for sharing! I began a site on here, as well last year, following the Lord & have thoroughly enjoyed the time with Him & knowing Him better! May you & your blog & family & friends be blessed!


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